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We pride ourselves on fast reliable services, striving to provide dedicated services on all departments from ordering to the delivery of concrete. Our staff is trained to provide technical assistance and to ensure the administration process is streamlined so that focus can be placed on the project at hand.

Concrete Pumping Services

We provide concrete pumping services when vehicles don't have direct access to the placement area. We have our own concrete pumps, but also work closely with external pump contractors to ensure the availability of concrete pumps on the day of delivery.

Concrete boom pumps from 24 to 48m is available as well as stationary or trailer-mounted pumps where boom pumps don't have the required space to establish. Up to 300m pipelines can be built when using the stationary pumps and concrete can be pumped over long distances, around corners and upward on to high rise buildings.

QUICK-MIX provides concrete pumping services utilizing our own 31-meter truck-mounted boom pump. Since we are in direct control of the deployment of the pump as well as the scheduling and dispatching of concrete delivery, customers are assured of an efficient service.

The use of a concrete pump is a cost effective solution to transfer concrete from the mixer truck to the position of placement (normally in hard to reach places) in the shortest possible time.

Lead TimeMin 3 Days

Product Design

Our top priority is to deliver top quality concrete, where strength, durability and the desired fresh and hardened properties are achieved. This is achieved by applying the latest and most reliable concrete technology to our disposal and maintaining strict quality control measures, backed by concrete testing and oversight from our external concrete laboratory.

We select only the best materials and additives in our mix designs. We only source from the best quarries and additive suppliers and through great supplier relations are backed by constant quality testing.

  • 01.Specialised Concrete : Design and trial mixes
  • 02.High / Rapid Strength Concrete:
  • 03.Fresh Properties :In Lab properties verification
  • 03.Durability :Designed to specefication

Quick-Mix can design specialised concrete mixes according to the client's specefications. Trial Mixes and testing is normally undertaken if such a specefication has not been designed before.

Quick-Mix makes use of the latest in concrete technology to deliver high-quality concrete for most general and special applications. We can alter mix designs on the spot to ensure the desired fresh and hardened properties are achieved.


Concrete Testing and quality assurance

We can perform several concrete tests to ensure that specefied strength, fresh and hardned properties are acheived. We perform in-house quality control tests to monitor the quality of our concrete products and make use of the services of external concrete SANAS accredited laboratories to oversee mix designs and to undertake compressive strength testing.

Concrete Tests can be requested and concrete can be sampled on-site for the making of test cubes to test 7 and 28 Day compressive strength. On-site slump, flow, and Air tests can be performed on your request.


Site Inspections and Evaluation

Part of our services is to do site inspections to determine if there will be sufficient access for our Mixer Vehicles and concrete pumps. The nature of the pour, application and pour method needs to be planned to ensure the concrete is poured without any problems or delays.

We can assist in the planning of the concrete poured on the day. We can assess vehicle access, traffic flow and establishment areas for concrete pumps. The desired fresh properties of the concrete can also be discussed to ensure the concrete poured on the day suits the application and technical aspects of the pour.


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