Ready-Mix Pool Mix

Pool Mix is specifically designed for the construction of swimming pools, ponds and dams. Less water is used and the resultant low workability of the concrete makes it possible to pack the concrete to vertical surfaces without running or falling down.

30 - 45 Mpa Poolmix Concrete
Workability : 70 - 90mm Slump Our Pool Mix concrete mixes are proportioned 70/30 ( 70% Cement and 30% Cement Extender) and 13mm dolomite stone is used as the coarse aggregate. Poolmix concrete is designed to be very dense and impermeable to moisture or water. The combination of the constituents is designed so that the concrete is dryer and stickier than conventional concrete so that it can be vertically stacked or applied without the normal run-off that would occur with other type mixes. Our Pool mix concrete can also be used in constructing dams, high slope structures or any vertical application of concrete.
  • Available Strengths :30Mpa - 45Mpa
  • Cement Type :CEM11 42.5R
  • Stone used :13mm Stone
  • Mix Composition :70/30 - Cement/Fly Ash
  • Additives Used :Plasticizers
  • Slump :70mm< - 90mm
  • Discharge Method : From Chute of Vehicle
  • Total Chute Length : 4.5 Metre
  • Load Sizes : min 1m³ - Max 5m³

standard concrete mix

Product Info:

Product Design

Our Pool Mix concrete product range is designed and manufactured in accordance with SANS 878 specifications, the South African Bureau of Standards (SABS) and National Home Builders Registration Council (NHBRC)to perform optimally for the construction of Pools, dams and water retaining structures.

Our Mix Compositions are proportioned 70/30 ( 70% Cement and 30% Extender) and we use CEM2 42.5R Portland early strength cement. 13mm stone as the coarse aggregate, together with superior quality fine aggregates is used in our Mix designs and regularly undergoes several quality tests to ensure superior fresh concrete properties while achieving specified strengths and longterm durability.

General Applications
  • ◘ Pool Construction - (30Mpa)
  • ◘ Dam Construction - (30M - 45Mpa)
  • ◘ Fish Ponds - (30Mpa)
  • ◘ Vertical applications - (30Mpa)
  • ◘ High Slope drains - 30Mpa
Discharge Method

Concrete is discharged straight from the vehicle's chute to the placement area. Where the 4.5m chute extension can't reach the placement area, wheelbarrows, skip, crane lift or conveyor belts can be used.

How to Order:

To order concrete you will need the following information:
1. Strength required
2. Volume(m³) Required
3. Delivery Address

We will send a quote based on the supplied details. If you are not sure about the volumes required, contact your engineer or architect for this information. You can also view the Volume calculator page. Please remember that it is always wise to measure on-site as well and not just calculating based on plan drawings. Excavations, trench depths, and surface-level can influence the actual volumes required.

Discharge Method:

Our Poolmix Concrete range is designed to have a slump (Flowability) between 70 - 90mm Slump, depending on the client's specifications.. We can lower the slump according to your needs and deliver a less workable dryer mix if the application requires it.

Concrete is discharged straight from the chute of the vehicle, 2 Extension chutes can be added to acheive a total length and reach of 4.5m to the placement area. It is critical that a vehicle is at least 1.5m away from the edges of the trenches or excavated pool area to prevent walls of the trench or pool to cave in.

An hour is allowed for the full discharge of our pool mix where after standing times will be charged.

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