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Concrete overlays,cotings and stains

We design concrete mixes specially for applications where colour hardners, dry shake products and stains can be applied.

Decorative concrete overlays

We have a wide range of concrete mixes specially designed to be applied in conjunction with decorative colour hardners, granolithic dry powder shake colours and concrete stains.

Our mix designs provide solutions for applicators of products such as Cemcrete, Samson, Chryso and ABE decorative overlay, colour hardener and dry shake products. We work closely together with suppliers of these products and can refer qualified applicators to ensure these specialised applications are installed correctly and with the help of our concrete the application of these products is streamlined and where quality and durability is not compromised.

Product info:

Decorative concrete overlays, coatings, colour hardeners or staining of concrete is a specialised application. We design concrete that enables the applicators of these products to consistently get the desired finishes. The initial concrete floors or screeds is designed with the latest in innovative concrete technology which aids in achieving great results and to make it easier for the applicators of these products.

Working closely with applicators and the suppliers of these products we constantly adapt and improve our mix designs to ensure the applicator's job is made simpler and that the final finished product achieves the desired aesthetic finish together with reaching high strengths and ensuring long term durability.

How to order:

Since our clients each have a unique idea on what decorative effect and colour they would like, we normally put you in contact with one of our applicators, they will order the correct concrete from us that works well with the end product that will be used.

Contact our sales team and we will ensure that you are placed in the safe hands of only the most qualified and experienced applicators.

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