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Off-Shutter High finish Concrete

Our off-shutter concrete range caters for applications where a very high,smooth,consistent and blemish free finish is required.

Off-Shutter / Off the Formwork Concrete

When concrete is used in applications where the concrete not only serves structural purposes but is exposed and forms part of the overall aesthetics of a structure.

Planning, correct formwork use and installation, placing and curing is essential. The correct mix design depends on the application and needs to be clearly specified.

Our Off Shutter mix range is designed to ensure a high workable but cohesive mix. The combination and nominal size of aggregates are chosen to flow hard to reach places or where steel reinforcement normally constricts the flow of the concrete paste.

Product info:

Our Off-Shutter concrete range is designed specifically for off-shutter / formwork applications where concrete is exposed to achieve high strengths, durability, and superior aesthetic final finishing.

Our Off-shutter concrete mixes can be placed via concrete pumps or straight from the chute of the vehicle. The concrete is designed to have high workability without any segregation occurring when concrete is transported or placed.

Off - Shutter concrete is designed to prevent blemishes, honeycombing, air pockets, and voids and achieve consistent colours or shading.

Placing and Finishing:

Professional formwork installation, placing, curing and compaction practices should be followed together with our concrete mixes to ensure that the final results are achieved. The correct formwork, shutter boards, and shutter oils should be used in conjunction with our off-shutter concrete mixes.

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